ZUK Edge Leaked: Compete With Xiaomi Mix

ZUK Edge Leaked: Compete With Xiaomi Mix


 ZUK Edge Leaked: Compete With Xiaomi Mix

After Xiaomi Mix published, another brand will publish a big screen phone, it is ZUK, the name of this phone is ZUK Edge. ZUK Edge Leaked: Compete With Xiaomi Mix.

 ZUK Edge Leaked

Earlier exposure of the local spy photos show, ZUK Edge screen is very big, although it is not like Xiaomi Mix, but also powerful enough. today’s clear spy photos of exposure, the number of points are so disappointed.

According to these images, ZUK Edge handset / front camera design at the top of the screen, below the screen is provided the Home key, so the screen is smaller than the Xiaomi MIX.

Of course, such a screen than in fact also account for a lot higher than the average cell phone, but the Home key part seems slightly violated, because compared with the “chin” volume size is a bit big.


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