ZTE V5 Rom CM12.1 Enhanced Version Android 5.1.1 RC2.0

ZTE V5 Rom CM12.1 Enhanced Version Android 5.1.1 RC2.0


ZTE V5 Rom

Today, our website firstly get ZTE V5 Rom, it can flash into CM12.1, which is very convenient, I hope this rom can help you.
ZTE V5 Rom 7

This rom can only use in ZTE V5/X9180/V9180/U9180/N9180, let’s have a look at some information about ZTE V5:

Screen 5.5 inch Capacitive touchscreen
Processor Qualcomm MSM8926 Quad Core 1.2GHz
Ram 2GB
Rom 8GB
Camera 13.0MP rear camera + 5.0MP front camera
Network 4G LTE/Dual Simcard
System Android 4.3 JellyBean

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[CM12.1 Introduction]

1.CM12.1 Update to the latest code

2. Clean up the extra code

3. Compare the code and complete localization

4.Add China telecom 4G access, telecom support 4g mobile phone has no need to set up

5. Set up a new system default lock screen Settings

6. Setting: repair when remove FRP there was a crash

7. The fingerprint module updates a few

8. Setting: if the user left activities continue factory reset

9. Setting: outside stripe configuration file global operation menu items.

10. Setting: fixed a few do not match the color picker

11. Setting: the FRP erase dialog irrevocable

12. Setting: disable the SIM card switch if preferences are disabled

13. Setting: conditional display light pulse Settings dialog box

14. Setting: long-term orbit

15. Add data connection to MSIM switching

16. From fingerprint string cancel using “firmly”

17. Settings: add sound panel on the menu

18. SystemUI: support remote extension style.

19. SystemUI: add external bitmap icon support.

20. Captiveportal: ensure that the URI is invalid

21. Automatic brightness: modified backlight dialog box does not work

22. Policy: remove android.policy reference section.

23. Remove duplicate the alarm clock

24. More updates and fix from cm code

25. The other more updates please make your own experience or see cm official specific code updates


1. All personal data, please backup before, ensure that power is enough, never midway power off;

2. Flash package corresponding to model,  the absence of special note do not mix brush.

3. Pay attention to flash version package system, Recovery is supported in this version;

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My introduction has done, i hope this rom can help you. and in the last, i will introduce a good phone: Neo S6 EX, which is a cheap clone phone.