ZTE U807 ROM- System Smooth Performance Is Fully Open

ZTE U807 ROM- System Smooth Performance Is Fully Open


ZTE U807 ROM Introduce

ZTE U807 ROM 1
1. Remove the verification, the system is more smooth.
2. Add a script optimization, performance is fully open.
3. Modify the system minimum brightness.

ZTE U807 Improvements:

ZTE U807 ROM 2
First, full screen, see the status Want to see see
Playing full screen game is high, can’t see the status bar information?! ROM perfect support for this issue.Application in full-screen games or other full screen operation, dragging down the top can show the status bar, more than 5 seconds not operation will hide again oh.Don’t have to rely on third-party status bar enhancement tools.
Second, the small window photo simple and quick
Don’t want to enter the camera can view photos?!This new small desktop tool window take photos for you.Click to quickly take pictures directly, support Android4.1, memory 1 g (including) above models.You shoot photos will instant orderly appear on the desktop, and support the custom cover.Switch to the other chance to automatically shut off the screen, don’t have to worry about electricity.
Third, mute optimization Do choose
Getting to mute the meeting, can’t hear?Tuning into the ring and be disturbed?The mute switch new vibration mode to lift your troubles.Gently only, can at any time at will in the quiet, ring, vibration free switch between three states, follow choice, more in line with the more under the scenario of using demand.
Fourth, important issues fixed, performance optimization
Solve the contacts, lock screen clear memory leaks, solve the problem of memory clear. let Yun friend phone cleaner, use more smooth.
Other improvements.

The Key To ZTE U807 ROM:

ZTE U807 ROM 3

Optimized space four to unlock the lock screen can unlock range, easier to unlock (1 G of RAM model).
Optimized received text messages on the surface of the table display box, text back in the spring box directly input does not automatically.
Repair of long press the Home button pop-up clear interface, application sometimes will choose cleaning is not clean.
Repair status bar switch sometimes click no response.
Repair contacts sometimes puzzling disappeared: (provide users: fflies, more longjing 2011).
After repair ROM47 chrome cannot use (provide users: cjameslynn heimaocat, Leo_Kin, youchanpojie, lesarde, fdsa123q, travel on track).
repair From one of the key security center clean interface into the garbage, then exit, and then enter, click on the animation doesn’t disappear after cleaning.
Unable to open the wifi problem repair flight mode.
Repair closed beta version small home screen window photo crash problem.

ZTE U807 ROM Way:

1.The first flash into the recovery by a third party
2.To download a ROM zip format into the phone SD card or built-in card
3.Shut down, and hold the volume up and + power button boot, loosen the power button after three vibration, then into recovery mode
4.Double clear: empty all data and clear the cache
5.Select the “select flash from SD card package”
6.Choose “select ZIP files from SD card” (if your flash bag on the built-in SD card, select select flash from the built-in SD card package)
7.Find just download the zip format flash package confirmation
8.After the flash, return to the first menu, select “immediately restart system restart your phone

Update ROM Download LINK

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ZTE U807 ROM 1