Xiaomi Phones Rom- Android M for Mi 4/Mi 3W/C (Cancro)

[ROM] [2016.1.1]Xiaomi Phones Rom- Android M for Mi 4/Mi 3W/C (Cancro)


[ROM] [2016.1.1]Xiaomi Phones Rom- Android M for Mi 4/Mi 3W/C (Cancro)
Xiaomi Phones Rom

Hello MIUIers,

I know you all are awaiting for the new MIUI ROM based on Android 6.0 MM, but before that, let us try AOSP 6.0 ROM that is ported by by Mr. Ivan!. this version is update to his privious version 5.12.18. Xiaomi phones rom for you, If you are on the 5.12.18 version you might got ota update by now.However, if it is new to you, then you can downlod it from here!
General Information about Android 6(Marshmallow):-
Android 6.0  is a version of the Android mobile operating system. First unveiled in May 2015 at Google I/O under the codename “Android ‘M’“, it was officially released in October 2015.

Marshmallow primarily focuses on improving the overall user experience of Lollipop, introducing a new permissions architecture, new APIs for contextual assistants, a new power management system that reduces background activity when a device is not being physically handled, native support for fingerprint recognition and USB Type-C connectors, the ability to migrate data to a microSD card and use it as primary storage and other internal changes.

  • Fix MAC Address changes bug after phone reboot
  • Fix DATA connectivity restart bug after data-connectivity is closed
  • Fix OTA FC bug
  • Improve operation of Sound activation
  • Improve CODEC decoding (using ffmpeg)
  • Included Cyanogenmod’s Eleven Music APP
  • Attempted to fix touchscreen bug during a phone call session
  • Fix World Clock FC bug
  • Include switch off device’s alarm (in Clock App)
  • Fix Mi Note’s sensor bug
  • Improve WiFi operation
  • Included ChainFire’s SuperSU 2.46 Final root
  • Included Display color adjustment (in Settings-> Display)
  • Improced of battery balance mode and battery saving mode inaccordance to MIUI ROM
  • Fix SIM card display notification
  • Improve SIM2 to use 4G network
  • Separation of ODEX to improve operation. (require merging of systems)


Original link

full ROM

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OTA Update


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Please read this thread for merging of system partitions:-> http://en.miui.com/thread-209941-1-1.html

Else, Please ensure

  • Mi 3/4 require at least >1.4GB
  • Mi Note require at least > 1.5GB

[5.12.18] Android M for Mi 4/Mi 3W/C (Cancro) Released by Ivan. Download Here

[5.12.1] Android 6.0 for Mi 4/Mi 3W/C (Cancro) Released by Ivan. Download Here

Thanks Mr. Ivan for his great work. Although, Mr. Ivan is an official MIUI developer, his porting work is not anyway related to Xiaomi. This is highly recommended for advanced user only, and reflashed via custom recovery. Please reflash at your own risk. and it is recommended to do a backup prior .