Xiaomi Note- A New Flagship of China Phone

Xiaomi Note- A New Flagship of China Phone

Xiaomi Note- Dual 4G LTE Snapdragon MSM8974AC Quad Core 3GB Ram 5.7inch JDI MIUI 6 Phone


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13MP Pixels

Optical anti-shake camera

People are so fond of cameras, making us redesigning cameras from the angles of professional cameras. Utilize the professional optical anti shake function on Xiaomi Note, no matter it is shooting the night scene or snatch a shot with single hand, more clearer and sharp photos can be seized. The new added dual colors flashlights can display the nature colors better. The front camera is updated to 2M, the singal pixel is bigger and the selfie effect is better. Besides, there is 36 levels of smart skin beauty, HDR and light mode, let you shoot more professional masterpiece with simple way.


Sony optical anti-shake camera

Shoot sharp and clear photos in the dark light with single hand

To improve the photos quality shot in dark light environments, we adopt the optical anti-shake function of professional camera on Xiaomi Note for the first time. When the gyroscope of phones detect phone shaking,the powerful anti-shake cpu will calculate the angles of makeup, at the same time,the audio motor around the camera will move the camera in an opposite direction to form finally sharp image.Now you can get sharp and clear photos with ease inside a room or at night.

Philips Dual Color TemperaturesFlashlight

We love to take photos under sunshine,it is because sunshine can light up the skins on our photos. Previously the camera flashlight can only generate cold color light,it makes the skin in photos a little blue under sunshine. There are 2 lights mode of Xiaomi Note flashlight, adding warm light based on color light basements and generate the light ray more close to sunshine ray. From the index testing the recovery of nature color effect, the new Xiaomi Note flashlight can reach as high as 93, with one more times than before.It consists of the flashlight technology with dual frame combination, and from now on, we are falling in love with taking photos.

A lot of funny photographing mode

Make your photo better than others

How to make photographing fans get outstanding photos? We put the professional cameras functions into Xiaomi Note and design easy operation way.For example, you can adjust exposure quickly when shooting,or seize the series of actions quickly or even shooting with voice. These not only can make you shoot creative artworks also make you enjoy the fun of shooting photos.


Dynamic focusing function

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Track automatically and focus the objects

Do you feel it is difficult to focus when you want to shoot a kid or a pet? Dynamic focusing function of Xiaomi Note can track moving objects automatically and lock focusing.When you double click on the screen, you can open the dynamic tracking function, this way, it is more easier for you to control the status of shooted objects, not easy to miss the shutter time. You can shoot with precise focusing of teenages who are playing skateboard or a running car at high speed.

Low noise, high quality

2 micron big pixels front camera

4MP Front camera of Xiaomi Note uses one sensor element totally different than before. Its single pixel is as big as 2 micron, almost twice of other front camera pixels. Single pixels increase, it means it can receive more light and with better quality. The way of improving single pixel is obviously improved than improving photos pixels quantity. In this way, the noise of photos will be less. The photo will be more bright in general under dark environment,and details are more abundant. Now you can do selfie via so exellent front camera or do video talking with family via front cameras. The excellent front camera will display the most beautiful side.

Xiaomi Note adopts 2 micron single big pixel photo sensor, the photo is sophisticated and the remaining details is more.

The second generation 36 levels in time smart skin beauty

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You only need to face it with smile and all the left are passed to cameras.

The brand new updated smart skin beauty camera and the skin is more nature and pretty. It can recognize your age and gender automatically and choose automatically the beauty skin level. It makes the skin beauty and keeps more details on face. Now you will receive more likes for your photo is you show your selfie photos to facebook, twitter or intragram than before.

Do a short video and share to your good friends

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Shooting 4K HD video

Xiaomi Note is with 13M optical anti-shake camera,can record for 4K (3840*2160 resolution) every second or 1080P video. Let you record every moment of your life.You can share the interesting video to your friends and also can play these 4K video on Mi TV with your family.

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Xiaomi Note- Dual 4G LTE Snapdragon MSM8974AC Quad Core 3GB Ram 5.7inch JDI MIUI 6 Phone
Xiaomi Note- Dual 4G LTE Snapdragon MSM8974AC Quad Core 3GB Ram 5.7inch JDI MIUI 6 Phone
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