Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- 5.7 Inch 3GB Ram Cheap Phone

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- 5.7 Inch 3GB Ram Cheap Phone


Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review

Xiaomi Note has been reduced price recently, many people are attracted by it’s price. I got this phone firstly, today, let me introduce Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review to you.

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review 1

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- Appearance

The package is the same as before, this package protects environment, compressive performance is good.

In the back of package sticks a label, it shows basic parameter, business information are wrote detaily in it.

Open this box, we can see Xiaomi Note, the frame screen protective film.

Xiaomi Note used font and back glass surface texture is very good. So even you play phones in the dazzling sun, you stil can look and read.

Xiaomi Note font camera is 4.0MP,this camera is perfect, and it equipes the function of optimizing appearance, it can make you more beautiful.

Xiaomi Note’s back still uses curved glass, the feeling of handing on is very good.

Xiaomi Note back camera is Sony 13.0MP camera, no matter you are in sunny day, or you are in dark house, it can take beautiful images.

Xiaomi Note owns aluminium alloy board, it has 6.9mm ultra thin frame. you can see xiaomi note production process increases a lot.

Xiaomi Note volume button and power button is on the right side. it is convient to one hand operation.

On the bottom is USB Charging position. In the middle of the two rung is to put the sound hole, thickly dotted arrangement before together with 112, and the sound is very perfect.

Xiaomi Note supports dual sim, the speed of 4G is very high.

Let’s see what’s more in the package. 1 * Xiaomi Note Android Phone, 1 * Charger, 1 * USB Data Cable.

XiaoMi Note uses 5V=2V quick charge, an hour charged, 70% battery is enough, it can reduce our wait time.

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- Start the phone Settings

Long press the power button to start the phone, we can see the familiar ‘MI’ image. then choose your language, input method and some basic settings. then you can go to the main.

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- System

Xiaomi Note uses miui6 system, this system does very humanized . No matter interface and gadgets, is very humanized. it is better than other system.

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- Battery Life

Xiaomi Note carries 3000mAh big battery, this is good. we can see the below photo:

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- Running Test

The test software Antutu is very famous, and the test records of Xiaomi Note isn’t disappointed me, a good record!

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- Camera Test

Camera function is very good, i introduce the basic information above, now i will show images:

Xiaomi Note Unboxing Review- Conclusion

No matter appearance or performance, xiaomi get good record. the US$ 339.00 is low in price but the performance is high. if you want to know more information, you can go to our website: Fastcardtech.com here. This website is very good. because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!