Xiaomi Note ROM- System Be Cracked Function Be Simple

Xiaomi Note ROM- System Be Cracked Function Be Simple


Xiaomi Note ROM

Model: Xiaomi Note
OS: 4.4 KitKat
Based on the version:Xiaomi Note
Link to Check:
Xiaomi Note Rom 5

Xiaomi Note ROM Detailed features

5.5.12 update:
Increase the IOS status bar, time in the middle, left signal, network center.
Increase official crack ROOT access, remove annoying limit 25 seconds, just a second.
That official ROOT need to open the software in the center of the security permissions.
Adding features to simplify retain 3, other need to install.
Add new millet financial platform.
New weather long figure sharing function, can choose to share part of the module.
Life with brand new millet cake reservation service.
Settings – other advanced Settings
Increase the Mi – pop.
Increase the flash notice.
Increase ViPER4Android.

Xiaomi Note ROM Way

Through the system update select brush into the installation package.
Flash skills:
The official recovery condition.
Enter the mobile phone desktop system updates.
Click on the top right corner of the three small point location, select the installation package.
Choose a ROM to flash.

Matters needing attention
Development and stable brush after each edition of bugs, by different versions shutdown or restart, please click on the volume + power supply
After entering the official REC, choose clear data (remove user data and clear the cache), other do not move, restart your mobile phone.

Xiaomi Note ROM Download LINK

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