Xiaomi Note 2 Specs Leaked: Amazing Configurations

Xiaomi Note 2 Specs Leaked: Amazing Configurations


Xiaomi Note 2 Specs Leaked: Amazing Configurations

So far, every Xiaomi/Redmi every product line has basicly finished, only Xiaomi Note hasn’t appeared, when will Xiaomi Note 2 come? Xiaomi Note 2 specs leaked on the website, let’s see some details.
Xiaomi Note 2 Specs 1

According to old news, Xiaomi Note 2 are prepared, it will be published in June, it takes 5.65 inch screen, dual camera, front fingerprint ID, it maybe named as Xiaomi Mi5 plus.

Now, a new takes some new materials, it looks very good. According to this new, Xiaomi Note 2 will provide different configurations, processor will be Snapdargon 820/823, 4/6GB Ram, 32/64/128GB storage.

Snapdargon 823 is the updated version of Snapdargon 820, specific situation is not clear, it may improve CPU size. Because Samsung Galaxy Note 6 may use this processor.

Otherwise, Xiaomi Note 2 screen will still use 5,7 inch, pixel will improve to 2K, it will support 3D Touch pressure sense technology, and frame will be full metal design.

Camera is the same as Xiaomi Mi5, it will use Sony IMX295 16.0MP sensor, and battery will up to 3600mAh, and it will support 18W quick charge.

About price, it is said that Xiaomi Note 2 will begin with US$500, it will be a little experience. If you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com. It provides cheap and valued Xiaomi phones.