XiaoMi New Phone Will Publish- Amazing!

XiaoMi New Phone Will Publish- Amazing!


XiaoMi New Phone Will Publish- Amazing!

All of us know Meizu And Huawei will pubilsh new phone today, Xiaomi will not give up this chance, they announce that they will take jaw-dropping news today.

Then there are the Indian media reported that Xiaomo could be released today Xiaomi Note 2 generation, if they do so, they don’t suddenly, because when the machine is ready long time.

According to previous exposure, Xiaomi Note 2 will be equipped with a 5.5 -inch 1080 p screen, carrying MT6795 eight core processor, and provide the front rear 500 and 500 camera, built-in battery 3000 mah capacity, run Android 5.0, provide double card double stay function.

In addition, according to the previous message, the phone seems to have fingerprint recognition, the fuselage metal, a built-in 2 gb memory, enhanced version for 3 gb, price is only 999 yuan? It’s really true, we are looking forward to it.

XiaoMi New Phone Will Publish 2

The Final Words

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