Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Leaked- Amazing 6GB Ram!

Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Leaked- Amazing 6GB Ram!


Xiaomi Mi5 Specs Leaked- Amazing 6GB Ram!

As Xiaomi Mi5 release date is closer, many news about this phone leaked on the website. Real phone images, configuration informations, product launch PPT are showed. Just now, we have found Xiaomi Mi5 specs and price, it is amazing!
Xiaomi Mi5 Specs

About Xiaomi Mi5 Specs, Xiaomi Mi5 will take 5.2 inch 1080p screen, Snapdargon 820 processor, 4GB Ram is the worst, 6GB Ram maybe a good choice, the camera of this phone will be 4.0MP front camera and 16.0MP rear camera. Otherwise, this new Xiaomi Mi5 will take 2910mAh battery, USB Type-C interface, it also will support NTC payment.

About Xiaomi Mi5 price, 4GB Ram and 32GB storage will cost US$335, 6GB Ram and 64GB storage will cost US$415, the price of this phone is the same as old news.

According to the old news, Xiaomi Mi5 owns quick speed, 6GB Ram news maybe true. Xiaomi Mi5 will be published on 26th this month, don’t miss this phone!

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