Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Disappointed Or Surprised?

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Disappointed Or Surprised?


Xiaomi Mi5 has been published yeaterday, this time, Xiaomi Mi5 uses different black technology, it explains it’s view of mobile phone. Xiaomi Mi5 is looked forward by many people. How about the performance of this phone? Xiaomi Mi5 Review will tell you answer.

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Specs

Display 5.15-inch FHD display
Processor Snapdragon 820
OS Android 6.0 Marshmallow, MIUI 7
Storage 32GB, 64GB, 128GB (plus SD card)
Camera 16MP rear with 4-axis OIS, 4MP front
Sony IMX298 sensor
Battery 3,000 mAh, QC3.0
Dimensions 69.2 x 144.55 x 5.12 mm
Weight 129g (with 3D glass back)
Other USB-C, NFC
Colors Black, white, gold
Price $306 (32GB), $352 (64GB), $460 (128GB)

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Appearance

The appearance of Xiaomi Mi5 looks fashion. Compare to Xiaomi Note, it doesn’t change a lot, the back 3D shell is used in Xiaomi Mi5, the screen of this phone changes into 5.15 inch, it is suitable for peoplelike small screen. The first impression of Xiaomi Mi5, it is upset and not suprising.
Xiaomi Mi5 Review 1

Xiaomi Mi5 Review 4

Xiaomi Mi5 Review 3

Xiaomi Mi5 Review 2

The appearanceof Xiaomi Mi5 improves a lot, compare to old phones, such as frame becomes round, the screen looks beautiful, below single speaker uses symmetrical design, the style of Xiaomi Mi5 is different from old phones.

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- System

In product launch, Leijun tells many informations about camera, appearance and camera, he tells a little about system. This time, Xiaomi Mi5 takes MIUI 7 system, it doesn’t update, but it increases some practical functions and funny functions.
Xiaomi Mi5 Review 8
Although MIUI7 doesn’t update a lot, but these new functions are very good, it can change phones by one button, it solves some problems when Xiaomi fans need to update configurations.

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Camera

About Xiaomi Mi5 camera, it uses dual camera configurations, dual camera uses 16.0MP Sony the newest module, how about the performance of this phone? let’s see some photo samples.

Xiaomi Mi5 Review 8 Xiaomi Mi5 Review 9 Xiaomi Mi5 Review 10

Xiaomi works hard for camera, this time, Xiaomi Mi5 camera is better than old phones, colour and light need to improve, but compares to other flagship, photo quality is very good.

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Processor

Xiaomi Mi5 takes Snapdargon 820 processor, it is the best processor now, this phone takes 4GB Ram, according to Antutu test, it shows 11000 score, but it is also very good.

Xiaomi Mi5 Review- Conclusion

Xiaomi Mi5 not only uses the best processor, camera and screen are very good, it is not famous as LG G5, but it challenges itself. If you want to buy this new Xiaomi Phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com here. It provides cheap and valued phones.