Xiaomi Mi5 Price Leaked! It Is More Expensive Than Before

Xiaomi Mi5 Price Leaked! It Is More Expensive Than Before


Xiaomi Mi5 Price Leaked!

Will Xiaomi Mi5 firstly publish with Snapdargon 820 processor? The Ceo of Xiaomi- Leijun has given the answer: Xiaomi will pay highly attention to product experience and big mass production, there are no meaning to get the firstly release. About Xiaomi Mi5 price, let’s see some details.
Xiaomi Mi5 Price 1
Snapdargon 820 phones will be published on April next year, the time is meaningless. So Xiaomi Mi5 can be bought on April next year, many people may focus on the price of this phone. How about Xiaomi Mi5 Price?
According to the newest new, Xiaomi will increase the price of Xiaomi brand sery phones, to improve the brand image. Now, Xiaomi 2015 low-cost supply chain upstream and down price, product price increase may help mitigate supply chain relationship.

Xiaomi Mi5 Price 2

Some professionals also give similar Analysis problems, they announced, it is important to come back the Beginning mind, especially is products, if Snapdargon 820 can hold the brand image, US$500 is a problem, US$415?

Of course, some news also leaked on the website, the price is US$599, it is expensive. Something deserved to sya, the configurations of Xiaomi Mi5 will not diappoint us, youch ID, full metal frame will not decrease, the appearance also looks forward. However, if the price of this phone is US$500, will you buy this phone?

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