Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10- Beautiful, You Should Have A Try

Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10- Beautiful, You Should Have A Try

Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10

As it was announced yesterday, Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10 OS Flash Guide finally comes out. Easy to flash and happy to enjoy. For using whole day Android Sytem, it is flesh to have a completely new Windows OS. Also, if you don’t like the new system, you can flash back to Android OS easily. Remember to backup your data.

1. The new Windows OS just supports to be flashed into Xiaomi Mi4 with 4G Network Function (3G Network Xiaomi Mi4 does not support now).
2. Using MiFlash Tool to flash Windows 10 on your xiaomi Mi4, PC supports: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, does not support Windows XP.
3. Remember to backup your data first. Recommand you use Snappea, a strong PC app to manage your Android Phone.


Xiaomi Mi4 Windows OS Flash Prepare:
1. Download the Windows 10 Flash Rom for Xiaomi Mi4:

2. Download the MiFlash20150601.exe and install it to your pc! Download Link:

3. MiFlash20150601.exe Installation:

4. Click Windows icon on the left corner on your pc, find MiFlash20150601.exe and run the application!
Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10

Tool language can be in English if your system is in English


Xiaomi Mi4 Windows OS Flash Guide:
1. UnRAR the flash file with file name folder.
Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10
2. Choose the file folder on your MiFlash20150601.exe.
Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10
3. Now power off the phone and long press the volume down button and connect it to pc via USB Port, you can release your finger while you feel the vibration. Also you can click Refresh button on MiFlash20150601.exe to check if the phone is connected.
Connect to phone
4. Now you can click Flash button to go on, when it shows 100%, discount the phone and click power on, it will take a little long on the first boot.


Xiaomi Mi4 Windows OS Flash Back To Android Guide:
1. Download Xiaomi Mi4 Android Rom:
2. UnRAR the flash file with file name folder.
3. Choose the file folder on your MiFlash20150601.exe.
4. Power off the phone first, and then long press volume up and power key to enter the WP Engineer Model, volume key to move, power key to confirm, please choose No.9 option, and connect to your pc.
5. Now the MiFlash Tool can read your phone, please click flash button, then things go like when you flash Windows 10.
6. If the phone goes black screen when finish the first boot, flashing Android OS again will make you get back to Android.


Xiaomi Mi4 Windows 10 Samples:


It is a good thing for me to taste a completed new system on my Xiaomi Mi4 when i see all Android System all these years. In my dreams that one day PC will be narrowed to kind like phones so that we don’t have to take a 15 inch-12 kilograms brick everywhere, now it comes true. It is also a good thing that Xiaomi prepares the Android OS Rom just in case of you don’t like Windows 10. Just one key to flash back like we flashing Windows 10 on your Xiaomi Mi4. Moreover, Fastcardtech.com provides you pretty much convenient package that just a little cost and sitting on your chair, they will do all for you! So, why not have a try? Comment me if you have any problems!