Xiaomi Mi 6 VS iPhone 7- Which Phone Is Better?

Xiaomi Mi 6 VS iPhone 7- Which Phone Is Better?


Xiaomi Mi6 VS iPhone 7- Which Phone Is Better?

Xiaomi Mi 6 will be published soon, not long before, we have told some details about Xiaomi Mi 6. From my introduction we can see, Xiaomi Mi 6 is really a good phone. Today, I will tell Xiaomi Mi 6 VS iPhone 7, let’s see some details.


Xiaomi Mi 6 VS iPhone 7- Specs

About specs, Xiaomi Mi6 will take Android 6.0 Marshmallow based MIUI 7 and also expected to have latest then Android OS. Processor will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor. camera will be 22 MP whereas as 16 MP in iPhone 7 which are good advantage for the Xiaomi users. Dual Led flash to support best rear and front camera.

About iPone 7, this phone continues with the iOS 10 OS which will latest and will be supported by Quad core A8 processor. iPhone 7 it has LED flash at rear camera and inbuilt screen flash for its front camera users.

The display of iPhone 7 is designed with latest 3D technology and will support the 4K screen resolution. The screen size is 6.0 Inch and will play 4016*2016 pixels video to stream. In Xiaomi Mi6 it is expected to have the 5.5 inch large screen device with full screen resolution to stream large videos easily.

As iPhone 7 has reached the market and its hidden features are being experienced by the users. The best features are the water proof and the dust proof which protected the device in many difficult conditions. So if Xiaomi Mi6 comes with these new features than it is expected to have a great competition in coming days. Also the fingerprint touch tool will be integrated in Xiaomi Mi6 which is the top feature for Apple devices. In terms of RAM and memory you can prefer Xiaomi Mi6 only as iPhone 7 starts with 32 GB and can be extended to 256 GB based on device price. On other hand Xiaomi Mi6 has 64 Internet GB and can add SD card of 256 GB for its external usage.

Now the release of Xiaomi Mi6 in next few months is expected to have a good competition with iPhone 7. The Smartphone market has no other competitor for iPhone 7 and hence Xiaomi Mi6 will be an amazing device to experience. The features of Xiaomi Mi6 have been increasing as seen in its flagship device like Xiaomi Mi5, Xiaomi Mi4. The technology and growth in the device made Xiaomi to complete with Apple, Samsung and other big Smartphone companies. Xiaomi Mi 6 VS iPhone 7 will let you know which best one to buy is.

My introduction has done, from my article, you can learn some informations about two phones. Focus on our website, you can learn more details. If you are interested in this new Xiaomi phone, I also recommend a goos online store: Fastcardtech, which always provides cheap and valued Xiaomi phones.