Xiaomi Max Leaked: Big Screen And Golden Size!

Xiaomi Max Leaked: Big Screen And Golden Size!


Xiaomi Max Leaked: Big Screen And Golden Size!

After iPhone SE published, Android phones are popular for small screen. Xiaomi doesn’t do this, the biggest screen Xiaomi phone- Xiaomi Max will be published. Many people may want to know one thing, how much will the size be?

Xiaomi Max

There are a little news talking about Xiaomi Max, this phone maybe take with Snapdragon 820 processor, it will support full netcom and full metal frame will be used in this phone.

Recently, Xiaomi phone team has annouced many news about Xiaomi Max. They said: ” Many people like the visual experience of big screen, but they are worry about the convenience, I think they don’t know me, I am Xiaomi Max. I am a phone combines big screen with good hands feeling.”

It is understood, Xiaomi mobile machines size from 4.7 inch to 7.9 inch, and Xiaomi Max screen size will between with Xiaomi Note(5.7 inch) and Xiaomi Pad 2(7.9 inch).

From Xiaomi Max image we can see, the border of this phone looks ultra thin, Home button looks like Xiaomi Mi5 is used in the front of this phone, it looks like Xiaomi Mi5 larger version.

With such big screen size, will it take a good experience to users? Let’s look forward. If you want to learn more Xiaomi phones, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech.com here. It provides cheap and valued Xiaomi phones.