Xiaomi Max Photo Enjoy: Big Screen Special Design

Xiaomi Max Photo Enjoy: Big Screen Special Design


Xiaomi Max Photo Enjoy: Big Screen Special Design

On 10th May, Xiaomi has published big screen phone- 6.44 inch Xiaomi Max. This phone takes Snapdragon 650/652 processor, 4GB Ram+128GB storage, 5.0MP front camera and 16.0MP rear camera, back Touch. How about the appearance of Xiaomi Max? Let’s see Xiaomi Max Photo.

Xiaomi Max Photo (1)

This time, Xiaomi Max takes 6.44 inch big screen, in the product launch, Lei Jun has announced big screen advantages and portable, in the actual feelings, it is not very big.

Xiaomi Max Photo (2)

It is hard to take this phone by one hand, although emphasizing the screen accounted, even logo increase a little, about screen size is not sured.

Xiaomi Max Photo (3)

Whole phone uses metal frame and 2.5D glass panel design, work program meets this price level, at the top of the fuselage and the bottom of the hole and the speaker are adopted symmetric design.

Xiaomi Max Photo (4)

As for portability, when I look at this phone, I don’t think it can put in the pocket, after taking it, it can put in the pocket easily, it is very convenient. At the same time, this phone owns ultra thin frame, it owns good hands feeling.

Xiaomi Max Photo (5)

For big screen operation experience, MIUI 8 increases floating ball function. This function takes many operations, it is very convenient.

Xiaomi Max Photo (6)

Totally speaking, Xiaomi Max is a good phone, with big screen and good touch feeling, this big screen doesn’t take any inconvenient situations. Excellent feeling and frame weight, this phone can attract many people attentions. If you are interested in this phone, I also recommend a good online store: Fastcardtech. This website gives cheap and valued phones.