Windows 10 For Xiaomi Mi4 Is Coming, Don’t Miss It!

Windows 10 For Xiaomi Mi4 Is Coming, Don’t Miss It!


Windows 10 For Xiaomi Mi4 Is Coming

Yesterday, Xiaomi CEO announced that Windows 10 for Xiaomi Mi4 will be published on December 3rd. It is really a good new for Xiaomi Mi4 users, Let’s see some details.
Windows 10 For Xiaomi Mi4 1

If you have been interested in Xiaomi phones recently, you may have known this exciting new, it has been learnt that another pre-existing Xiaomi device will get support for the Windows 10 operating system. This thing is finally happening.

This week, Xiaomi Mi4i will get its first Windows 10 Rom, it will be published on December 3rd. This rom release, it means that, it will be public, and everybody owns Xiaomi Mi4 can flash Windows 10 Rom on their phone.

Xiaomi already invests a large chunk of its finances into development of MIUI — its own version of Android — so it is hard to tell what exactly Xiaomi will be getting out of this partnership. But a problem of plenty that its users will be faced with isn’t something they’re going to complain about, certainly.

And the most important thing is, users can flash Xiaomi Mi4 in one minutes, it is really convenient. Is it true? Let’s look forward to it. And our website will provide this Rom direction soon, Don’t miss it!

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