Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular- Phones PK

Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular- Phones PK

HDC Note 4 Plus- Android 5.0 Lollipop 64bit 4G LTE MTK6752 Octa Core 2G RAM 5.5 HD IPS Screen

Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular

Recently, through mobile phone manufacturers marketing strategy and promote under the dual function of electricity 618 big news, broke all kinds of mobile phone price down from time to time! very good! Look at this week (6.8- 6.14) hot phone list, many recently announced reducing price of mobile phone are on the list, seems that depreciate sales promotion is working very well! But look carefully, the 10 phone in the list, can find the better phone.

Record 1: Four Kinds Cheap Phones, HuaWei Win XiaoMi Meizu Note

HUAWEI Honor Play 4C Reference Price $155.00 Sell 9600 Phones
HUAWEI Honor Play 4X Reference Price $155.00 Sell 5100 Phones
XIAOMI Redmi Note Reference Price $155.00 Sell 2900 Phones
Meizu M2 Note Reference Price $155.00 Sell 1900 Phones
Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular 1

The silmar price, but the 4 kinds mobile phones sales volume is not the same. HUAWEI Honor Play 4C is the best phone in these four phones. Feedback from the buyer, rating out of 5 points. HUAWEI Honor Play 4C in April this year has just become available, the current sales situation is very hot, need to snap up, often want to buy is out of stock.

Configuration, HUAWEI Honor Play 4C uses 5 inches 720 * 1280 resolution display, haisi kirin 620 eight core processor, 2GB Rom and 8GB memory, fuselage both run large 3 d games and entertainment are prone to the condition of the strain on memory. The combination of 13 million + 5 million pixel camera also reached the mainstream of the current level, there is no short board on the whole hardware. Run android 4.4 EMUI3.0, built-in 2250 mah battery. Photo effect is good, mature system is the main advantages of this kind of mobile phone.

Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular 2

Compare with 4X, Redmi Note enhanced version of the two mobile phone sold last year, Meizu M2 Note and HUAWEI Honor Play 4C is still published in the half of the year, it is very strange, why the 4c popular than Meizu m2 note?

Compared with the two phones’ configuration, Meizu m2 note screen size and resolution are better than the glory chang 4 c and incarnate blue note2 positive USES a 5.5 -inch capacitive touch screen, a resolution of 1640 x9600 pixels of FHD level. Other configuration, the only difference is that the processor is different, perhaps it is because the glory chang play 4 c have adopted their own haisi kirin 620 eight core processor and was welcomed by users.

Record 2: $ 119.99 Xiaomi Redmi 2A Win Coolpad Dazen F1 Plus

Xiaomi Redmi 2A Reference Price $ 119.99 Sell 2500 Phones
Coolpad Dazen F1 Reference Price $ 110.00 Sell 2400 Phones

These two days, Xiaomi and Coolpad is fully hitted. When Xiaomi choose Xiaomi Redmi 2A cut price to $ 119.99, and so-called “invincible”, however, two days later, under the leadership of the great god is a blow to Redmi: zhou configuration does not lose red rice Plus version of the great god of F1 phone only 399 yuan, 100 yuan cheaper than the red rice.

Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular 3

On key performance, Coolpad Dazen F1s version upgrade to qualcomm 64 processor, increased to 5 inch screen, front facing the ascent to 5 million pixels, battery increased to 2500 ma, this a series of key configurations are well worth 399 yuan prices.

Compare with 4X, Redmi Note enhanced version of the two mobile phone sold last year, Meizu M2 Note and HUAWEI Honor Play 4C is still published in the half of the year, it is very strange, why the 4c popular than Meizu m2 note?

And redmi, 2 a 32-bit processor is to use united core quad-core processors, only 4.7 inch screen, this is obviously not a great god F1 Plus 5.5 inch screen popular. And USES is 2 million pixels front-facing camera, the battery capacity is 2200 ma, this compared to the great god F1 Plus obviously there is a gap.

Through above comparison, Xiaomi Redmi 2A, compared with great god F1 Plus 2 a little advantage, perhaps system is the only place to capture the heart of the user.

Record 3: $ 309.99 HUAWEI Honor 6 Win MEIZU MX4

HUAWEI Honor Reference Price $ 309.99 Sell 2500 Phones
MEIZU MX4 Reference Price $ 309.99 Sell 2000 Phones

Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular 4

Recently, Reported Honor, meizu brands such as mobile phone announced price cuts, to its mobile phone dropped to 1499 yuan. After nearly half a month of market test, the user’s choice, glory version 6 low than meizu MX4 more popular. Investigate its reason, huawei honor 6 with 3 gb of memory, than meizu MX4 have more advantages of 2 gb memory, 3 gb of memory capacity has provided the safeguard for mobile fluency.

Which Smartphone Is The Most Popular 5

Specific configuration, huawei honor 6 adopted haisi Kirin 920 eight core processor, frequency of 1.3 GHz, tie-in 3 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM memory combination. Cell phone USES a 5.0 inch TFT screen material, by adopting the technology of LTPS, resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels; 13 million pixels rear + 5 million pixels front-facing camera, built-in battery 3100 mah large capacity.

The meizu MX4 equipped with a 5.36-inch 1920 * 1152 screens, carrying mediatek MT6595 processors, with 2 gb of RAM + 16 gb ROM storage combination; Cinematography, equipped with 20.7 million pixels main deputy camera, camera + 2 million pixels with dual LED lighting lamp, mobile phone provides 3100 mah battery capacity.

Conclusion: iPhone 6 And Samsung SM- G5308W the two phones list, from the full list of these phones, high-end mobile phone market, iPhone6 lost six titles, and already killed the low-end market into a blood bath!

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