Walking Bicycle Club- A Bicycle Used To Walk

Walking Bicycle Club- A Bicycle Used To Walk

Walking Bicycle Club 1

Walking Bicycle Club

If you think it is tricycle, so it is the most beautiful design. if it is a kind of bicycle, so it is the a beautiful flower. Have you ever seen a tricycle sit no seat and bike used to walk- Walking Bicycle Club(WBC), it is so smart.
Walking Bicycle Club 1

WBC is designed by Japanese designers. it owns the electric motor, cycling speed up to 24 km/h. let you walk very fast, ride as a coaster. If in the case of a full charge, but also help drive into 20 km. Speed, fashion, performance all contained.

Walking Bicycle Club 3

It is 1.2m, weight is 36kg. it is suitable for 1.4m above, weight under 80kg adults. there are red, green, gold, pink colors to choose. it is so beautiful!
Walking Bicycle Club 2

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