Excellent Configurations Vivo X6 Is Coming: The Beautiful Frame

Excellent Configurations Vivo X6 Is Coming: The Beautiful Frame


Vivo X6 Is Coming

This year, China mobile phones have hold many new product launches, but Vivo stay for a long time, and this time, Vivo X6 leaked in the website.
Vivo X6 1Today, Vivo announced in the Weibo, with “It is coming, ‘fast’ mean comes”. And two boxes in the photo, big “X6” feels good texture, and this new Vivo phone is Vivo X6.

The main meaning of this phone is fast, accordong to the old sayings, the configurations of this phone is excellent, with Snapdargon CPU, 4GB Ram and 64GB storage, it provides 12.0MP front camera and 21.0MP back camera, battery is 4000mAh.
Vivo X6 2
Otherwise, we have got the two photos of Vivo X6, from photos we can see, this phone may use the full metal frame, the metal texture in the back shell looks beautiful, the shape looks thin and colourful.

On the left of this phone is SIM card slot, volume, power buttons, and another button will put in this phone; will Vivo set a independent photo entity key?
Vivo X6 3
However, according to the old report, this phone will take Touch ID, if this phone puts the Touch ID in the side of this phone, we will not be suprise.

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