Ubuntu MX4 Is Coming To India

Ubuntu MX4 Is Coming To India

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition-4G LTE MTK6595 Octa Core 2GB 16GB 5.36inch FHD IPS Ubuntu OS Phone

Meizu MX4 Ubuntu version has been sold in domestic and Europe, and the next, Ubuntu MX4 Is Coming To India.
A foreign net friend Sturm Flut who participate in Ubuntu closed project , said India will appear a Ubuntu mobile phone on the market , you should be able to guess it is Ubuntu MX4. Then he said, meizu officially released MX4 Flyme system in the Indian market, Ubuntu version should also follow it. we need know he had been disclosed and the accuracy is quite high, so this time maybe right also.
MX4 Ubuntu version has the same hardware configuration with normal version in exactly, the biggest characteristic is full gesture, and it provides the gold and silver two kinds of appearance, 16GB capacity, domestic price of RMB 1799, Europe has exceeded 2000 yuan but it is still limited.
Ubuntu MX4 1

Ubuntu MX4 2

Ubuntu MX4 2
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