Townsmen Premium Cracked- more market and storage

Townsmen Premium Cracked- more market and storage



Townsmen Premium Cracked Versions

Townsmen Premium Cracked Versions Introduction

Townsmen Premium is a game from the humbled backwater to the prosperous metropolis of the middle ages, build my dream town!
The towns people’s back!- towns is bigger, better, more lovely than before!Come and experience the new medieval towns construction and economic series simulation game!!!!
Townsmen Premium can put your village to develop into a spectacular medieval town, economic prosperity,people is very happy here! From mining, logging and farming to jewelry, tools and clothing production, perfect economic management is the key to success! For your villagers built a church, open a tavern, open market!!!! With the spectacular statues, magnificent monument and lush parks and gardens to beautify your town! To watch the lovely town is engaged in the daily affairs, keep them happy, supplies enough! Remember: only happy town is an industrious town! That is Townsmen Premium.
Townsmen Premium 3

Townsmen Premium Detailed features

Building upgrades: higher productivity, more market and more storage space
New buildings: fire tower, the clinic and the herb garden
After their homes destroyed, Villagers will leave town
Research and development: unlock powerful incentives for town
XP value and level: earn XP value, upgrade town level to unlock the research and development.
Villagers may now sick and out of town; to build the clinic cure them
Fire threatening your town; use fire fire tower
If not repair, deterioration of the building will be destroyed
Townsmen Premium 2

The Test Model

Samsung GALAXY S6
Townsmen Premium 4

The Download LINK

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Ok, my introduction has competed, Do you like Townsmen Premium? If you have some questions, you can ask me, and I will help you as soon as possible. If you want to change a phone to play happier, you can buy Samsung GALAXY S6 I said in the title. It is very good, and I am using it with playing this games very well.