The iPad mini 4 Will The Same As Air 2

The iPad mini 4 Will The Same As Air 2


The iPad mini 4 Will The Same As Air 2

The iPad mini 4 Will The Same As Air 2

Apple company is designing a new small size tablet, namely mini4, this tablet is equivalent to a miniature version of the Air2, will use a variety of hardware configuration of the latter, such as A8 application processor, camera will be upgraded to 8 million pixels, the other in wireless local area network (LAN) protocol, the ac will upgrade to 802.11 version. The iPad mini 4 will the same as the Air2.

The leaked tips centre around the iPad mini 4, which sources say will be a shrunken iPad Air 2, complete with an A8 processor and an 8MP iSight camera. The dimensions will be the same as the iPad mini 3 except for the thickness, dropping to 6.1mm from 7.5mm.

You may remember the rather underwhelming launch of the iPad mini 3, where Apple added Touch ID and very little else. This time around the upgrade looks much more substantial.

The report also mentions the iPad Pro, the super-sized iPad that Apple has been rumoured to be building for several years. Apparently it will come out alongside the iPad Air 3 and the iPad mini 4.

That rebuffs earlier speculation that the iPad Air refresh would be skipped this year to give suppliers more time to focus on the iPad Pro. If you’re in the market for a new tablet then you’ll have plenty to choose from.

New iPads are usually announced in October and this year should be no different. The arrival of Force Touch is another good bet, as it’s spreading to more and more of Apple’s products.

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