TCL M2M ROM- Repair And Improve Your Phone Problems

TCL M2M ROM- Repair And Improve Your Phone Problems



TCL M2M: Coolpad
OS: 4.4 KitKat
Based on the version:MeiZu m2 Note
Link to Check: TCL M2M

TCL M2M ROM Detailed features

1. PS about calls twinkle because meizu in communication device at one will be black screen This is not a BUG
2. Security center model is limit So the flow monitor cannot be used.
3. Based on the latest version of meizu NOTE transplantation.
4. To repair the camera.
5. Repair three transformers.
6. Promote the native camera focus speed.
7. The kernel update to the latest version.


1. Repair of some cases I now restart problem|
2. repair Incidental bright screen jammed.
3. Repair the lock area security leak problem.
4. After repair set complex combination lock screen, after turning off the alarm clock rings the alarm clock can’t bring up the keyboard to unlock.
5. Repair part of the network can’t download the upgrade package, download the application is not correct.
6. Repair quickly drag the status bar icon and press the power key deadlock problem quickly.
8. Repair headset to QQ voice calls, regulate the phone volume sound health problems.
9. After repair xunfei sound choose English, to identify English into Chinese.
10 Fix minimum 1, the volume is too loud.
11. Repair the broadcast system when the ring tone, volume 8 lattice volume than 9 big problem.
12. Repair double-click the bluetooth status bar icon status inconsistency problem.
13. Repair all deleted complex password after click continue to complete set collapse problem.
14. Update baidu map, taobao, weibo presets application.
15. For the download to your repair update alipay after repeated questions.


1. Flash, please ahead of time data backup (recommend titanium backup, GO back up, or Chinese Recovery’s own backup function)
2. Will be downloaded ZIP format brush card package is copied to the SD card/built-in kagan directory;
3. If no special requirement, please double clear data according to individual needs (official ROM and transplant ROM brush must be double clear);
4. Cell phone turned off completely, according to the key combination manually enter Recovery mode;
5. According to the Chinese Recovery system Recovery card brush tip content, after the completion of manually restart your mobile phone!


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