SP Flash Tool Error Code- FAQS and Solutions!

SP Flash Tool Error Code- FAQS and Solutions!


When we use SP Flash Tool to flash the MTK CPU phones from China, there are many errors appear during the processing, here are some FAQS and the solutions.

1. Stuck at the purple bar after the finish of red bar. (error 4008)
Solution: Take down the battery, and then reinstall, enter into REC and choose turn the phone off. Then flash again.

2. Driver has been installed, but there’s an error when click the flash button.
Solution: Normally this is because of the power supply is not stable by USB interface, you can use the USB interface at the back of PC, or unplug other large power consumption equipment.

3. Normal operation case, and appear a different error from the step 2. (typically error 3013, higher occurrence rate)
Solution: The problem is very normal and many people have asked! Basically because we upgrade the 4.1.2 and want to flash back to 4.0.4, then we just need the SP Flash Tool we use before to flash back to 4.0.4, or use official 4.1.2 SP Flash Tool.
FAQS and Solutions

1. Error 1022: Version of sp flash tool doesn’t match with your phone, or the USB interface doesn’t work well.

Solution: Change to another USB interface, if still not work, please download the latest version of sp flash tool instead.


2. Error 1040: S_UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION flash boot files Scatter.txt doesn’t match.

Solution: Download appropriate cable flash recovery file. Eg: if your phone is dual core 6577, but the ROM is for single core 6575, then the error appears.



Solution: This is caused by the incomplete load of the flash file, please reopen the sp flash tool, and keep on your flash process.



Solution: Flash boot files Scatter. TXT mismatch, please make sure your recovery file is the right one! Notice that EMMC partition phone and MTD partition phone use different TXT boot file!


5. Error 4004: Driver Error

Solution: Try to install MTP driver, if not help, please uninstall the driver and reinstall it again or reinstall your computer.


6. Error 4032: Operation skill problems

Solution: Please press the volume down button (the key to reduce volume), then it can trigger the yellow bar progress continue. You’d better install batteries in the phone during flash process.



Solution: Error appears when import boot file TXT, check whether the file is the right one or not, and operate again.


8. Error 8038: SP FLASH TOOL ERROR

Solution: 1. If you meet the error, then, you have to click the “fireware-upgrade” to start flash.
2. The version of sp flash tool is not match with your phone.


9. Error 8100: Can not find USB port! This is because of the driver is not recognized completely or not install well.

Solution: Reinstall the driver and restart to recognize again. Change to another PC or desktop.


10. Error 8200: OS of your phone is not the same chip platform with your recovery file.

Solution: 1. Find the right recovery file./2. Update to the latest sp flash tool!




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