Skylock- A New Lock Can Solve Your Concerns

Skylock- A New Lock Can Solve Your Concerns



Do you have the same problems?

In order to prevent beloved bike was stolen, carried upstairs and downstairs every day to go around. men and women are hard, Skylock smart locks may be able to avoid the trouble back at home that except you.
Skylock 1

Skylock Detail Introduce:

The intelligent vehicle is the startup of Velo Labs products, it has built-in accelerator, Wifi and bluetooth, when detect someone move the bike will be alert to the user’s mobile phone.Users can set “sensitivity” anti-theft locks, make sure that is really anyone want to steal a car, not accidentally touched.

Skylock Other Function

If mobile phones don’t have electricity or forget?At this time, users can also in Skylock capacitance on the screen to enter the password to unlock.As for the problem of power supply vehicle itself more can rest assured that it is a built-in solar cells, and can use solar energy to charge at any time.
In addition to guard against theft, Skylock and emergency call function, when it through the impact identification to the user a crash or falls down popup alarms will be on the phone.At that time, you can choose to ignore, or a button for help.

Skylock 2

Skylock also allows the user through the application authorization to unlock the rights of others, may be your friend or you are going to get charges from strangers — which means, Skylock target population includes both individual users, including bicycle leased lines, such as the public bicycle machine.Do you think it is very interesting and useful? This kind of things is a new improvement for our live. And one day, our live will be more and more convenient whih this kin of high-tech. If you want to know more information, you can go to because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!