Rune Rebirth Cracked Version- Exciting And Funny Role Playing Game

Rune Rebirth Cracked Version- Exciting And Funny Role Playing Game


Rune Rebirth Cracked Version

Leading You To The Game Kingdom

Rune Rebirth Cracked Version 1

Rune Rebirth Cracked Version Introduce

  • Version:v1.11
  • Size:177.28M
  • Language:Chinese
  • Download:13464 times
  • Release: 2015-05-28
  • Categories:Role Playing
  • Apply to: Android 2.3.1 above
  • Download rates: free

Rune Rebirth Cracked Version 2
Rune rebirth is CUTKEY Studio developed a role-playing game.
Orld first actually fight exploration strategy thinking type role play!!
Strategic thinking, configuration, runes, explore the sinister shakotan coast, defeat powerful enemy!

  • Rhythm and lively real-time combat systems, test reaction limit!
  • Think about the best combination of runes, challenge hundreds of different characteristics of the enemy.
  • Explore the rare shakotan coast, explore a variety of levels.
  • Adventure mission, to reap rewards.

Rune Rebirth Cracked Version 3

Rune Rebirth Cracked Version Features:

  • 1. The grey space twisted swamp has disappeared, to find out!
  • 2. Improve level land appears the probability of mission objectives.
  • 3. Adjust the crystallization properties affect the probability of type FuYin skill.
  • 4. Adjust the elite appears likely to blame.
  • 5. Adjust the arena in distribution of the enemy.
  • 6. In a battle fixed accidental card FuYin the status of the input image.
  • 7. Correction after completion of level land back to choose close pictures showed abnormal problem.
  • 8. Fixed broken bridge cave loot calculation is not the right questions.
  • 9. Fixed purchase maps will still play music has been turned off at the end of the problem.
  • 10. In the revised version 1.10 of the affected “tomahawk”, “whirlwind”, “smog” skills.
The Download LINK

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