Rise of Prometheus Cracked Version- Do yoursrlf

Rise of Prometheus Cracked Version- Do yoursrlf


Rise of Prometheus 1

Rise of Prometheus Cracked Version

Rise of Prometheus Cracked Version Introduction

Rise of Prometheus 2
Rise of Prometheus is Vivid Games S.A. developed a role-playing game.
Godfire: the Rise of Prometheus is a different from any other games on Google Play action adventure game, the game has a console level quality, tough free combat and epic king fighting.
With infinite energy of skyfire cast fire from heaven, and carefully guarded by the gods, titans Prometheus trying to steal the kindling, led and celestial war. Fire lost in confusion, a race with time began, Prometheus faced with the difficult to overcome difficulties, and the fate of the human faces an uncertain future.
The fire of god: the rise of Prometheus Cracked versions (Godfire: the Rise of Prometheus) by Vivid Games is made, on the background of Greek mythology action play a game. Players in the game to play the hero Prometheus, stealing fire to humans. Game starts with powerful animation, very attract eyeball. As with the small make up together into the game and see other aspects of performance.
Using the unreal engine 3 d game, spectacular, as the sword of the infinite. Is given priority to with pillars of the images show the aesthetic character of classical Greek myths. Great rubble around the scene and science fiction type crystal texture hard, cold. Those standing proudly in the temple, temple altar, all show a and natural antagonism and conquer, triggering amazing, irritability, such as aesthetic sentiment. Heavy metal texture also reflect incisively and vividly.

Rise of Prometheus Cracked Version Game Features:

Rise of Prometheus 3

Incarnation titans Prometheus, opens the fire flame of retrieving the almighty and to save humanity epic adventure.
With the intense fighting hordes of enemies
Fight using dynamic combat system, using a devastating attack, use the intuitive controller or a touch control, free to navigation on the battlefield.
Challenging to play king fighting
In the epic, intense, multi-stage boss battle experience stunning realistic visual effects, brave face a nightmare huge fiend.
Free inquiry
To explore the beauty of the mysterious world and profound technology, solve various secret, puzzles, and dozens of unique project, gate-crashers celebrated three difficulty levels of level.
The next generation standard of image quality
Appreciate the Unreal Engine implementation of gorgeous picture And earned an Oscar nomination, animation studios Platige Image creation.
An epic story
Addicted to the story of Prometheus, there is a complete scenario and by professional actors voice dialogue.
The survival of highly competitive and racing attack mode
In the survival and racing game model, the confrontation in team, bloodthirsty enemies and determination of the time, at the same time, through a variety of online social function and challenge your friends charts.
Custom ringtones, infinite possibility
Upgrade Prometheus, learn new skills, to explore a variety of upgradeable weapons, equipment and magic props, and fight for the Titan hero to upgrade equipment. Rise of Prometheus 4

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