Richman 4 Fun Cracked Versions- Add New maps And Role

Richman 4 Fun Cracked Versions- Add New maps And Role


Richman 1

Richman 4 Fun Cracked Versions

Today, Many people like playing games, I like playing too. Recently, I find a new game.It called:Richman 4 Fun. It was cracked, And I think it is very interesting, and I will introduce it to you, I hope you will like it.

The Richman 4 Fun Introduction

Richman 4 Fun is SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC, the development of a casual puzzle games.
Richman 4 Fun is a multiplayer online simulation game, players can control the different character, through real estate, stocks and other commercial form to earn money, and using special CARDS and props to get more benefit, all the people, landmark buildings, special according to its characteristics in 3 d model one by one, each picture is abnormal, stereo sense is very fine.Especially 12 characters, lovely modelling, personality is distinct, combined with the real 3 d animation, and the expression of both joys and sorrows, run or jump forward movement, have the Disney style.
Richman 2

The Richman 4 Fun Detailed features

1. Familiar with the characters, the original tone of conversation, feel warm!
2. Rich props card: can control steps, spoliation cash, land cover housebreaking, face god send god and against rivals..Etc.!
3. The gods possessed system: good god can help you, see bad god is going to stay at a respectful distance from sb, carefully trouble!
4. Lottery system: people say “a ticket in hand, the infinite hope” in how poor, have the opportunity to rely on this been reversed the situation!
5. Stock system: buying and selling, on the vision of the players, can get profit, but also can compensate pays off!
6. Magic house: enter the magic house, can selecte to the witch cast, but casting content will be decided by the player.Can take against rival, also can increase their advantage of winning!
7. Fate and news events: Sharon once the company is often said that “life is not equal to idea, nine times out of ten”, unpredictable events occur, the fortune and misfortune, often in a line to line!
8. Large building sites: Can build parks, gas stations, research centers, resort hotel, etc., have different special features!
9. The built-in small game: pick up COINS, gods, guess the rabbit, play games to earn points, props to purchase card points again.
10. Provide archive functions, can be stored three groups of different games
Richman 3

Richman 4 fun update instructions:

New Year’s wind more version
Add new maps: paradise island and the dinosaur world
Add new roles and mysterious character
Spring Festival activity runs

The Test Model

Samsung GALAXY S6
Richman 4 Richman 5

The Download LINK
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Ok, my introduction has competed, Do you like it? If you have some questions, you can ask me, and I will help you as soon as possible. If you want to change a phone to play happier, you can buy Samsung GALAXY S6 I said in the title. It is very good, and I am using it with playing this games very well.