PluGO- Lug Plate Multinational “Lugha”

PluGO- Lug Plate Multinational “Lugha”


PluGOLug Plate Multinational “Lugha”

PluGO some time ago, millet sold a lug plate, more than the ordinary lug plate 3 USB charging port, na 2 a quick charge. Millet lug plate design is simple, and no special intelligence function, but if you’re out of town with the electronic equipment is more, there is a lug plate will be very convenient, can at least take less a few charge first. A simple lug plate did solve a lot of trouble for us, but if you are a time traveler, often need to travel around the world, so the geek choice today introduced the socket named PluGO may help a lot.
PluGO 1
PluGO designed for long time people travel between the multinational, is mainly used to solve the problems of the allied power socket is not compatible.
Do you know what the mainstream of the power supply interface has several? American standard (the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand and other countries and Taiwan, is characterized by a flat round two)
PluGO 9
European standard (France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and other European countries and South Korea, Russia and other countries use)
PluGO 8
British standard (Hong Kong and the UK, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the maldives, Qatar)

PluGO 7
How, have enoughmess”. The PluGO by providing different adapter plug, can be easily support these including Europe, America, Australia and other multinational power switch.
PluGO 5
PluGO its multiple output ports are arranged on both sides of the lug plate, with three general jack and two USB socket, so reduce the volume of the lug plate, compared with the ordinarystripelug plate, more convenient to carry journey.
PluGO 4
Its power cord can be wrapped around the side board, and can be fixed, this wire is more easy to arrange. Although PluGO comes with power adapter head a lot of, but can easily receive into a bag, glasses box size only, very convenient to carry.
PluGO 2
Although this socket is not smart devices, but it not only solved the problem of the allied power switch, also can meet our addiction, very small, easy to carry.

PluGO is currently in the raise on Kickstarter, early bird price from $25, but the future of pre-sale price at $40, is expected to delivery in December 2015..
PluGO 6
Do you think it is very interesting and useful? This kind of things is a new improvement for our live. And one day, our live will be more and more convenient whih this kin of high-tech. If you want to know more information, you can go to because they offer the cheap & thamani & bidhaa meli bure, tovuti ni ilianzishwa mwaka 2003, tayari 12 umri wa miaka!