Pal V 1- Finally Can Buy A Car Can Fly

Pal V 1- Finally Can Buy A Car Can Fly


Pal V 1- Finally can buy a car can fly

People invented the automobile, motorcycle, airplane, etc all kinds of traffic tools, but can fly can’t run, can run can’t fly, is both the earth and the sky of transportation is only the special effects in the movie or props? Small make up tell you now, after the traffic to see stick in the rear of the “rush you fly past, you can take off ~

Pal V 1 1

Pal V is a combination of a car and rotorcraft, already can legally on the road, fly to heaven. From highway switch to flight mode only need 10 minutes. Flight and ground top speed of 180 km/h. Pal V can carry two people, the modelling of three-wheeled motorcycle and streamlined appearance let Pal V has good air dynamics, comfort and flexibility.
Pal V 1 4
More Pal V should be appeared in the sky, fly below 1200 m to ensure the legitimacy of Pal V, not interfere with the commercial flight. Short take off (165 metres) and land (30 meters), sliding distance and other simple operation for ordinary fly like rotorcraft lovers much easier to master.

Pal V 1 3

Power comes from a four-cylinder gasoline engine, 230 horsepower. 102 litres of fuel tank can provide 1200 kilometers of ground range or flight range of 350 kilometers (altitude 1000 meters). The thoughtful Pal V provides a set of 3 d simulation system, make you at home also can simulate operation Pal V for practice.


In order to make you have more fun driving Pal V in the ground, called DVC ™ of tilting control system to ensure the stability of the speed and exciting. You can turn the steering wheel turning like drive a car, and the same tilt and motorbikes cornering experience.

Pal V 1 2


Of course, would like to open a Pal V flight still need corresponding flying his driver’s license. Sports in the United States need Pilot License, Europe needs to Recreational Pilot License (RPL) or a Private Pilot License (PPL), if in other countries, and the equivalent of the above License related Pilot’s License in general.

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