Oppo A51 Appearance And Some Parameter Come Out

Oppo A51 Appearance And Some Parameter Come Out


Not long before, Oppo announced will publish two types A series product– A11 and Oppo A51, then combine with A31 make up three different situation to satisfy market needs.

Oppo A51

Now, there are some photos about A51, we can find this phone’s highlights on appearance and function.

Oppo A51 2

From these photos we can see, A51 will take double mirror design and metal frame, back shell will sure to use glass fiber, and the camera will not prominent, the back is flat.

Oppo A51 3

About the frame design, Oppo A51 uses three non precess buttons, Power keys in the fuselage on the right side, the volume keys on the left side of the fuselage. The speaker is in the lower left corner of the back.

Oppo A51 4In addtion, photos also show Oppo A51 takes photos function, and support Infrared remote control.

Oppo A51 5

Otherwise, A51 owns a 5.0 inch and 720p sceen, 2GB Ram and 16GB Rom, camera is 5.0 mp front camera and 8.0mp back camera.

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