Onewheel- Take The Feeling Of The Ski To The Sidewalk

Onewheel- Take The Feeling Of The Ski To The Sidewalk


Onewheel- Take The Feeling Of The Ski To The Sidewalk

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A New Find

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Onewheel Detail Introduce

Onewheel prototype prototype CES exhibition debut for the first time in 2014, and the raise, launched a financing amount is far more than their original schedule, just raised more than $500000 a month. On the CES, Onewheel as retail products of high demand, has won a large number of orders, grew and grew. Skiers organization Future Motion founder Kyle Doerksen said, because someone wants to find a better way to work, hope to be able to take skiing feeling to the pavement, the idea was born. Onewheel’s success is that it did. It USES balance stability augmentation system, the user through a leaning, can control the direction to one side, both before and after the acceleration deceleration. In addition, the motor wheel make climbing easier.

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Onewheel function

Future Motion in the product release Onewheel app is introduced at the same time, it can be connected via bluetooth to skateboard and iOS system. App USES the digital forming technology, can adjust the skateboard for a particular user and road conditions accurately, and allow users to set, monitor maximum speed, acceleration and camber. App still can use a tutorial for beginners and skateboard LED lighting system. But most importantly, the app let Onewheel users through the cloud software upgrades, unlock new features, upgrade their skateboard. With this app, not like other products, Onewheel become more civilian life.
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