OnePlus X Unboxing- 5.0 Inch Beautiful Phone Real Photos Enjoy

OnePlus X Unboxing- 5.0 Inch Beautiful Phone Real Photos Enjoy


OnePlus X Unboxing

On 2th November, OnePlus published the light flagship- OnePlus X. According to the practice, immediately shows OnePlus X Unboxing, let’s see this ” art level ID design” phone, how about the appearance of this phone?
OnePlus X Unboxing 1The package for OnePlua X, the front word “X” is particularly conspicuous, side panel also joins the metal fuselage frame design


OnePlus X Unboxing 3This phone is white colour, it looks beautiful and special. This phone is 3GB Ram and 16GB storage, the price of this phone is US$ 299.99.
OnePlus X Unboxing 4OnePlus brand red element is used in the second part of the packaging cartons, immediately open to see the real machine.

OnePlus X Unboxing 6OnePlus X doesn’t put simply, but it is directly fixed in the box, plastic stent to add a mobile phone very strong at the ends of the up and down X CARDS
OnePlus X Unboxing 7

OnePlus X Unboxing 8OnePlus classic red noodles version MicroUSB/data line and battery head, output is 5 v / 2A standard;
OnePlus X Unboxing 9

OnePlus X Unboxing 10

OnePlus X Unboxing 11Bring OnePlus X family, with double 2.5D curve glass, in order to protect the cell phone also send a random water case. OnePlus X factory itself has posted a protective film.
OnePlus X Unboxing 12

OnePlus X Unboxing 13OnePlus X water case takes by itself, the back uses frosted design.

OnePlus X Unboxing 14
The front of OnePlus X is original sticker, there are a few bubbles, slightly looks not perfect.
OnePlus X Unboxing 14The biggest feature of OnePlus X is the stripe type metal frame, white version match gold frame, black version is silver frame, the surface has 14 stereo stripes. In providing unique visual effects at the same time, increase the degree of friction, grip feels secure. OnePlus X also provides in the left side of the fuselage a mobile phone as three-step toggle entity key, can quickly switch between the ring, mute mode.

OnePlus X Unboxing 15The bottom of the fuselage USES symmetric design, cable jack did package edge processing, hole grinding is meticulous, the details of this phone quality sense that gives a person is pretty good. Can see from the picture, with 2.5 D curve glass, so the sticker is only slightly smaller circle;
OnePlus X Unboxing 16

OnePlus X Unboxing 17

OnePlus X Unboxing 18OnePlus X USES the same 2.5 D curve glass on the back, and looks very concise, more rare is that OnePlus X camera doesn’t have any convex.

OnePlus X Unboxing 19From top to bottom is the right body SIM card slot, the volume key and power key, two keys grain surface with annular CD, feel is good; SIM card slot allowed insert into two NanoSIM small card at the same time, or a NanoSIM with a MicroSD memory card.
OnePlus X Unboxing 21

OnePlus X Unboxing 22The 5.0 inch screen of this phone looks thin, just bigger than iPhone6 out a circle, one-handed use almost without pressure. Double-sided glass feels very smooth, the side stripe metal frame with friction is good. The only drawback is the transition position of border on the surface and on both sides of the bright side, feel not comfortable.

OnePlus 29

OnePlus  30About configurations, this phone use Snapdargon 801 CPU, 2GB/3GB Ram, `16GB storage, 5.0 inch 1080p AMOLED screen, 13.0MP back camera, 8.0MP front camera, the frame size is 140*69*6.9mm, the weight is 140g.