Nubia Z9 Rom- Make Your Phone More Convenient

Nubia Z9 Rom- Make Your Phone More Convenient


Nubia Z9 Rom- Precautions

1, please make sure to keep power at more than 40% flash (preferably also with charger), since 5.0 after brush machine need to recompile all procedures, compilation process will greatly consume CPU resources and battery, if the quantity is less than 15% will cause compilation process aborted, stuck, and then a lot of people will think mobile become brick,  please try to copy a ROM to the internal SD card to flash, because a lot of external SD card quality is not good, copying files into will go wrong, and then flash failed…

Nubia Z9 Rom- Characteristics Description

Based on the bottom of the official package 1.38 make

added components management functions, you can according to your need to enable or disable the corresponding system program to get more memory available

The performance control function is added, you can set the maximum and minimum frequency of CPU and scheduling policy, sole support nuclear size independent setting, support to control application performance .

Added complete Google services package, that won’t have to worry about playing games can’t play into Google Play service, Google service package is disabled by default. If you want to open, you can go to: the “aurora Settings” – “system Settings” (need root),  waiting for 1-2 minutes after opening it,  then restart the mobile phone you can see the Play store icon, of course, it is need to turn over.

Added slide down the notification bar shows lunar month

Added slide down the notification bar shows calendar festival

Added slide down the notification bar shows the lunar festival

slide down the notification barlunar month show and festival show support Automatic scrolling display if content is too long

Add notification bar double lines style of system memory monitoring and control, can display system’s “available memory/the total memory”, the default is open, can go to: “aurora Settings” – “status bar Settings” to shut down

Add the function of standard time refining, namely can display” in the morning, at midnight, in the morning twilight, refining time” in the status bar time areas

Add the old time refining function, which can be in the status bar areas show time “at the seventh hour, at noon, have time” etc twelve o ‘clock refining time

Add a notification bar double lines speed control, speed control can be custom color, is very beautiful and practical, the default is yellow, you can choose the color in the aurora Settings

Three physical buttons can customize function according to youselves, a total of 14 kinds of functions, long press the HOME button and menu button for the default system function by default, long press the return key to end the process. Specific functions are in the below: turn off screen, turned off the menu, the return key, HOME button, the recent task button, menu, the volume increases, the volume decreases, show phone records, search key, mute/vibration/normal volume switch, kill the current process, screen capture)

The notification bar adds the virtual keys, long press, short press virtual function can be customized, a total of 14 kinds of function, the default virtual keys left short press for the bell switch, long press for screenshots, virtual key short press for GuanBing right menu, long press for power

For notification bar added virtual key switch, you can completely hidden disable the virtual key

For notification bar added intelligence linear power display, according to how much power automatically change color, charging has cartoons, specific Settings in the “aurora Settings”.

The height of the linear power height can be customized

Added advanced restart menu, long press power key to select “reset” can be seen

For the resumption of the menu to add the switch, you can be in the “aurora Settings” select whether to enable this function

Added 68 colorful batteries ICONS, are very beautiful!

68 pieces for the battery icon to add the charging animation is very cool!

Add the function of the hidden signal icon

Add the function of hiding the original battery icon to

Add the function of hiding extend battery icon

Add the function of hiding notification bar time

Mixer exclusive added “SMS interface” double pane and the single panel switch function, the specific Settings in the “aurora Settings”.

Mixer exclusive added open/close “interface” double pane and the single panel switch function, the specific Settings in the “aurora Settings”.

The default has open “double-click awakens the screen” function, namely brush my ROM has opened “double-click wake up” function.

Add the function of screen assistant, please set up the “aurora” to open

Add a customize notification bar time color feature

Add the lock screen lunar display and can be used to switch on and off

Add the lock screen calendar festivals display and can be used to switch on and off

Add the lock screen lunar festivals display and can be used to switch on and off

Mixer exclusive added double-click awakens the vibration function and can switch, so that you can accurately know whether double-click wake the screen

Add the function of the notification bar time refining

Add goggles program, please set “aurora” to open

Add notification bar double lines speed display and can switch (optional), a total of 3 kinds of style can choose

Add time centring feature and can be used to switch on and off

Mixer has been shown in the set by default options of developers, do not need to users in the set is displayed under the version number by 5 (aurora red bull sole function)

Add ViPER4Android FX sound engine

Added ViPER4Android XHiFi sound engine

Crack the signature verification system

WiFi sleep policy to revise the mixer is never closed, the original is turn off screen to shut up WiFi, very not humanized said, also can create run traffic condition…

Closed in pieces the default Google APK validation functions (G is a wall, this function is useless also extended to install APK time)

All the apk zalign are processing, up the apk load speed

Add complete busybox toolbox

Add the full root access

Turn on the init. D support

Closed automatic screen rotation mixer by default.

Mixer automatic GuanBing time is changed to 2 minutes.

The apk mixer can be installed by default open a third party.

The default open USB debugging

Add root eplorer program

Added titanium backup programs

Add the terminal manager

Added beautiful MIUI compass

Add the terminal manager

ROM screenshots appreciate

Nubia Z9 Rom- Screenshots:

Root 1 Nubia Z9 Rom 2 Nubia Z9 Rom 3 Nubia Z9 Rom 4 Nubia Z9 Rom 5 Nubia Z9 Rom6Nubia Z9 Rom- “About built-in application”

Although the integration in the ROM small amounts of the third party APP, but they can unload freely by the user (not integrated in the SYSTEM, and the installation of ordinary APP), if you like this ROM and support us, please use the activation after (if feel good, of course, also can keep continue to use APP) to unload.

Nubia Z9 Rom- “Flash tutorial”

Use Daniel “navigator of the era of” making use of the third party brush into the Recovery can (

Nubia Z9 Rom- “Flash agreement”

1, the post for reply visible by default If you reply and download and brush the ROM package, that represents the default you agree their risks (such as mobile phone, etc.) cannot start! Please choose carefully!

2. Note: please keep the backup data before brushing habits, lest cause data loss!