Nubia Z7 Mini Official Android 5.0 Flash Save Brick Upgrade Tutorial

Nubia Z7 Mini Official Android 5.0 Flash Save Brick Upgrade Tutorial


Nubia Z7 mini flash download package

Recent android 5.0 update come, many mobile phone upgrade foreign manufacturers have started for the mobile terminal moves the android 5.0, Nubian Z7 mini was introduced in android 5.0 beta open beta, a lot of friends all don’t know how to upgrade the android 5.0, Nubian Z7mini small make up today night Nubian Z7 mini Calvin taught everyone how to upgrade the android 5.0, Nubian Z7 mini is a key to upgrade the android 5.0 tutorial!

Nubia Z7 mini brush android 5.0 preparation:

  • Backup your personal information (such as available peas, application treasure helper class software backup), because the Android 5.0 will change the partition, flash after all user data will be lost.Data contains: text messages, contacts, phone records, music, video, pictures, etc.
  • Mobile phone to ensure adequate power.Flash when the battery power is not less than 40%.
  • Please shut off the computer before you upgrade assistant software, security and antivirus software such as 360 guards, jinshan drug gangsters, etc.
  • Please pull out SIM card and SD card before upgrade.
  • Again: flash is risky, has a certain probability flash into brick, please be careful.

Nubian Z7 Max upgrade android 5.0 note:

  • The flash tool is only for support V1.82 version to Android 5.0 (V2.03) brush, at the same time can be used to save the brick.
  • Not upgrade v1.82 please upgrade version of the mobile phone!To use this tool to upgrade the android 5.0.
  • Released tutorial tutorial confirmation, when the time goes on, the version update may later fails, or a new tutorial.

Nubian Z7 mini upgrade Android 5.0 flash steps:

1. Install the driver: download mobile installation package, click install.
2. Download decompression install Nubian Z7 mini wire brush tool (Nubia NX507J Updater V1.5.9)
3. Download decompression Nubian Z7 mini android 5.0 wire brush package (V2.03).
4. Open mobile phone factory port.In their own dial input * # 7678 #, will “factory port” and “the ADB port” on the hook.
5. Select brush package path: as the chart, click the “browse” to choose your brush line package path after decompression.

6. Check for and download: check the flash tool with mobile phone connection is normal.The following drawings said it had normal connection:

7. At this point, click on “start” button to download, download process as shown:
Note: Don’t operate a computer and cell phone download process, otherwise it will lead to unpredictable consequences.
Note: Please refer to the article appeared in the process of flash exceptions Nubia Z7 mini official upgrade android 5.0 abnormal solution.

8. Now Nubia Z7 mini brush android 5.0 tutorial is complete, the first time boot time may be slower, please be patient, flash please restore automatically after the completion of personal data.At the same time can choose if you want to return the android 4.4 v1.82 All Postsversion to brush back in the same way.

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