NailO- A Touch Control Panel Installed On Fingertip

NailO- A Touch Control Panel Installed On Fingertip


NailO- Finger Touch Panel

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Look At A New Find- NailO

Wearable computing devices, more and more popular. These devices have a design principle, that is, “like to use the body as far as possible to use a computer“. Here are the nail trackpad NailO is the product of this design principle. It is a touch control panel installed on the fingertip, and looks like a nail art.
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Detail Introduce:

It composed of 4 layer, layer 1 is the outermost layer is adornment layer, can bring a good replacement as you like. Layer 2 is the sensor layer. Layer 3 is the circuit layer. Layer 4 is for battery. After the mass production should be very cheap.
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How To Use It

NailO connected to the mobile phone can use wireless way. After install it on the nail, NailO can use like the laptop touchpad. The picture shows with your index finger paint line.
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You can try with your index finger tip of the finger can easily click the fingertip of thumb, or the flexibility to draw all kinds of lines. So, we can use this line to control the computer. For example, in the picture demonstrates a new human side dishes, flicked through the recipe on the computer.
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Mount a NailO if the thumb, index finger can click on the thumb or draw lines. If mount NailO in other nails, too, the control action will become more abundant, a lot more complex operations can also be used thumb-nail.


At this stage, the user can be finished by using NailO simple default mail, caller id and specific applications to sliding operation of the program. Believe in the future, with the formal NailO products listed and expansion, there will be more relevant application is developed.
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