Mixfader- Beat Slice Machine In The Pocket Become A DJ

Mixfader- Beat Slice Machine In The Pocket Become A DJ


Beat Slice Machine In The Pocket Become A DJ Anytime And Anywhere

Mixfader 1

Look At A New Find- Mixfader

Like music, if can be picked up anytime and anywhere musical instrument to express their ideas, it might be a very wonderful thing. For relatively HIGH music DJ, improvisation is to let people wanting more, and if a complete set of equipment can be ready to take in the body, may make them excited.

Mixfader Detail Features

Today to introduce you to a disk drive Mixfader pocket, it’s a music production equipment can be put in my pocket, it via bluetooth 4.0 with mobile phones, tablet after connection can be a DJ, players can create their own music, Mixfader because of its small volume, and cheap price, directly make you to become a DJ rolled through the streets.

Mixfader 2
Mixfader volume is very small, can carry at any time, and Mixfader enough let you hi turn outside all day: indoor charging 25 minutes support 10 hours to use. In addition, the Mixfader also fit the application for many music player creation.
Mixfader 4
Most music APP is only a simulated plate machine music control function, but Mixfader adaptation APP very truly simulate the operation of the spinning machine, and the tuner with refers to the function, it not only highly simulated all real DJ sets all of the features, also by Mixfader hardware operation.
Mixfader 5

How To Use It?

For those who pay attention to the performance of music professionals, you can rest assured. In Mixfader during the design phase the development team is accompanied with world-class DJ and master (such as a two-time DMC DJ challenge the world champion 9 O ‘Clock) cooperation.



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