MIUI 7 Publishes Time Exposure- What About Xiaomi 5?

MIUI 7 Publishes Time Exposure- What About Xiaomi 5?


MIUI 7 publishes time comes out

MIUI 7 Publishes Time
In the next time, Meizu, Oneplus, Huawei, ZTE will publish new phones. Compare to them, Xiaomi is very quiet. but, there are some news announce: MIUI 7 publish time comes out .

It is said that Xiaomi will have a conference next month, A specific date is 16th August, MIUI 7 will meet with us.

MIUI 7 will come, What about Xiaomi 5?

However, the time distance to spetember has 4 months, we guest, Xiaomi will not only publish Xiaomi 5.

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