Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing- The Strongest China Flagship Phone!

Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing- The Strongest China Flagship Phone!


On 23th september, Meizu officially published Meizu Pro 5, this phone is similar to Meizu MX5, the appearance looks like iPhone. And we got this phone yesterday, let’s see the Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing to have a quick view.

As Meizu new high-end product, this time, Meizu pro 5 uses different package, it uses full black gift box, looks simple but special. Open the box, we can see the front of Meizu pro 5. Due to use the black border design, it almost combines with screen.
Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 6
Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 10
The first feeling of Meizu Pro 5 is the big screen, it uses 5.7 inch 1080p AMOLED screen. So the phone frame is big, but it feels comfortable, that because the back shell of this phone uses stereo sand blasting process, it feels more exquisite the Meizu MX5, it’s good.
Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 2

Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 1From these photos you may find, except the change of radius and LOGO. Yes, it only changes these, and phones you can feel more comfortable. The LOGO of this phone changes quickly, but I really like this change.

Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 4
Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 5
Otherwise, There are a USB Type-C and mCharge 2.0 in the box, it is very simple. This time, Meizu uses Type-C, it is convenient, back and front can be inserted, it is seldom used in Meizu phones.

Meizu MX5 has a little problem in Edge, you will feel not good when use it, Meizu Pro 5 solve this problem, it uses 2.5D curved screen in the front, this improvement makes this phone look beautiful.
Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 7The ID in the bottem is amazing, we experience quick speed of this phone, no matter entry or unlock, mTouch 2.1 feels fluency, don’t need the waitting time to unloch the screen, it is good!
Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 14

Meizu Pro 5 Unboxing 15
The configurations of this phone is really good, and this phone takes 20.7MP rear camera, which can takes beautiful and clear photos. If you want to buy this phone, you can focus on this website: here. This website is very good. because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!