Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6- What’s Changed?

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6- What’s Changed?

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6- What’s Changed?

Meizu MX6 and PRO 6 which is good? after MX6 release, many people are discussing this topic. Yesterday afternoon, Meizu held a new conference of dream new machine – MX6 , the official launch of the new MX series models, today, I will tell Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6, you can learn some details.

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

Parameter comparison

First of all, we will look at that what is the difference on he parameter configuration of the Meizu MX6 and Meizu PRO 6 , after reading the hardware configuration, we have basically from the overall aspects of the two mobile phone differents.

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

Comparison of parameters from the point of view, The mainly different of Meizu mx6 and Pro 6 is the screen size, processor, camera pixels, battery capacity, body color and price vary; and the same is in the screen resolution, memory, network standard, operating systems and other basics, in general, the difference is not large.

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

Appearance contrast

Because Meizu mx6 design style is basically copied the Pro 6 , so the similarity in appearance of the two up to more than 95%, both used the metal body design, and equipped with new curve antenna design, now,let us contrast it.

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

Meizu mx6 and Meizu Pro 6 positive design style is fully consistent, the top is with a symmetric design, bottom is equipped with Meizu logo of positive home key fingerprint recognition, and are equipped with a 2.5D curved glass, narrow screen frame.

Meizu mx6 and Pro 6 have used the new antenna design, the thickness of the body are 7.25mm, nano injection molding strips with fuselage curved edge of the four corners of the call, which make the curve antenna lines more beautiful, and look more slim simple than ordinary leucorrhea antenna . At the same time, increase the metal screen cover Proportion.

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

It is worth mentioning is that Meizu mx6 only a standard edition, price is 1999 yuan, but Meizu Pro 6 points for the standard version and high version,and mainly different based on the ROM,the priced is 2499 yuan and 2799 yuan.

In order to ensure the fairness of the contrast and reduce the error, this article is compared to the standard version of the Meizu PRO and Meizu MX6 6, both with the same memory and storage, the price differ by 500 yuan. Below we through the appearance, performance, pictures, features and other aspects of a comprehensive comparison.

Although the Meizu MX6 and Meizu PRO 6 appearance is very similar, if you are careful to contrast, there are some differences in the details, mainly aspects in the following :

Different body size

From the contrast facing of Meizu mx6 and Pro 6, you can see, the 5.5 inches mx6 bigger than 5.2 inch Pro 6, but the overall appearance almost exactly the same.
Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed

Different Screen frame

Meizu Pro 6 has a more narrow screen frame design than MX6, in addition,the MX6 is not supported by the technology of screen pressure sense, and Meizu Pro 6 to support Pres 3D pressure sensing screen touch.

Different Back arc design

Meizu MX6 VS Meizu Pro 6 Specs Exposed
If you Careful comparison ,you would know, Meizu MX6 body back edge of the arc smaller than the PRO 6 .

Different flash

In addition to the antenna radian mx6 angle decreases , Meizu mx6 and Pro 6 in the back of the flash design also has difference,well,specific the picture you will understand.

Different body color

Meizu MX6 has champagne gold, sky gray, moonlight silver, rose four kinds of body color, while the Meizu PRO 6 is equipped with black, silver, gold, red four colors, the two in the body color has slightly different

Comparison Conclusion

From the comparisonof appearance , The Meizu MX6 design is basically copied the Meizu MX6 PRO 6 , the two look very similar.However, if you carefully to analyze the case, these two phones in a few aspects are some differences ,such as the size, narrow bezel, the back arc, flash design, colors and other details .