Meizu MX5 General Version Of Firmware Rom- More Convenient!

Meizu MX5 General Version Of Firmware Rom- More Convenient!


Meizu MX5 General Version Of Firmware Rom

Meizu MX5

Because of the domestic policy, Meizu published Meizu MX5 mobile and unicom two versions, In fact, mobile and unicom version’s handwares are the same, just each of them blocked their version. today, I will introduce Meizu MX5 General Version Of Firmware Rom to you, each phone version can flash it, support mobile and unicom 4G/3G network.

Meizu MX5 General Version Of Firmware Rom- Unicom Flyeme Firmware Steps

The premise: To ensure that the power is enough, at least more than 50%.

1. Download MX5 general version of the firmware
Link:Sorry, only those who have replied to this post could see the hidden contents.
2. After the download is complete, mobile phones connected to the computer through the data line.

Tip: the following screenshots for MX3 screenshots, individual place may have vary.


(after the connection is successful, the phone down notification bar will appear as a media device to connect a named hint; now double-click computer “computer”, will appear at the bottom of the “portable” “MX5).

3. Click the right mouse directly files sent to “MX5″ in the computer.


4. Into the mobile phone desktop “document”, find the update zip file, click “update. Zip”, the phone automatically upgrade into the interface.


Tip: have ROOT, or install security software, has carried on the Android user signature hole repair, please be sure to clear data when upgrading, otherwise it may not boot. Clear data can be lost brings the personal information such as contacts, user data including: application of contacts, SMS, except the data on disk storage of all mobile phone content, please be sure to make backup synchronization.

5. Update processw ill first check the firmware, check after successfully into the “update is upgrading. After a few minutes, will go back to your familiar interface.


6. enter the system, click on the desktop “system upgrade” icon to enter to view the current version number, if to download firmware version number, congratulations, upgrade success!

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