Full Metal Frame Meizu MX5 Appearance

Full Metal Frame Meizu MX5 Appearance


Meizu MX5 Review

Meizu MX5 has been published yesterday, It’s performance and appearance has been looking forward for a long time. Today, I will nalysis of Meizu MX5 Appearance to you, maybe you can learn more about this phone.
Meizu MX5 Appearance 2
In the front of MX5, it has a great deal of MX handset design face, but at least in the front, meizu have to spin out the outstanding before “dots” comprehensive, this will be the waist round keys and finger touch unit integrated get together, have difference in the front compared to the previous generation.

The screen is much more better than the last generation- Meizu MX4. Same using 5.5inch screen and the same resolution with 1920*1080p, but this time they used the newest technology: Super AMOLED. While using this technology, the screen will more colorful and vivid than Meizu MX4, and also the screen contrast is up to 10000:1.
Meizu MX5 Appearance 3
As the first Meizu all-metal phone, Meizu MX5’s fuselage, is the place where the Meizu fighting. Meizu MX4 plastic back cover losed , switch to the integration of CNC metal back cover, and the metal mobile phone solutions, with a three-stage body to avoid interference with antenna, metal and plastic on top and bottom modules connected to shield.
Meizu MX5 Appearance 4

With all vendors in metal pour into work on your phone, Meizu MX5 in metal craft also have their own feelings. It claims on the phone back cover from a piece of metal aluminium ingot weighing 250 g grinding and become, after 13 process, the aluminium ingot weighs only 21 g, overall cost 30 days, the cost is not small, highlights the meizu phone comes at a cost to the metallization.
Meizu MX5 Appearance 5
And despite the fuselage and box in the back of the metal elements, in the front frame, there are also a circle “bright side” highlights mobile gold properties, of course the meizu MX4 Pro has been seen.

Meizu MX5 Appearance 6

Meizu MX5 Appearance 7

Meizu MX5 Appearance 8

From feel, Meizu MX5 still follow the Meizu larger one-handed operation design concept, overall feel is with the generation of product and not too big. Metal cutting and back cover did not cut the hand feeling, feeling giving a person a metal back cover is very thin.

Meizu MX5 Appearance 9

While the Meizu MX5 still does not support the content extension, but its also support double card double stay, but double card slots are only compatible with Nano – SIM card, and support the switch card.

Meizu MX5 Appearance 10

Meizu MX5 Appearance 11

Although the overhand, aluminum alloy is not too great a burden to users on weight, but also won the match before the meizu plastic back cover the perfect feel. The associated with meizu products have larger for years, the mobile phone of all metal, is a promotion, the meizu MX products still not built on weakening feel is, on the basis of the “killer”, did not imagine the high cold.