Meizu M2 Unboxing Review- Meizu Cheap Phone Comes Out!

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review- Meizu Cheap Phone Comes Out!


Meizu M2 Unboxing Review

Meizu M23
Meizu M2 has been published recently, this phone’s product concept is Quality for young. it will formally sell on 3th August. I get this phone unboxing photos firstly, then let me give Meizu M2 unboxing review to you.

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review- Unboxing Photos

Meizu M21Firstly, let’s see this phone’s design. compare to Meizu M1: add mBack front key, frame unlock key moves to right, the back radian feel more round 。

Meizu M23In addition, Meizu M2 back shell is more compact with frame, plastic frame press won’t feel obvious gap.

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review 7Meizu M2 has a 4.6 inch screen, which is typical for a smartphone. From photos we can feel Meizu design feeling is fruity and small, whole process is perfect.

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review 15 The Simcard slot is the same as before, it supports dual Sim.

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review- Real Photos Show

Meizu M2 6 Meizu M2 14 Meizu M2 Unboxing Review 13 Meizu M2 7 Meizu M2 11 Meizu M2 Unboxing Review 10 Meizu M2 Unboxing Review 9Meizu M2 Unboxing Review- Camera

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review 12About the camera, Meizu M2 is the same as Meizu M2 note, 5.0MP front camera+ 13.0MP back camera, it’s not bad.

Here let me show some real images by this phone’s camera:

Meizu M218 Meizu M2 19 Meizu Meizu M2 For this new cheap phone, camera is not bad, and the camera effect is perfect. Meizu do better in it’s camera.

Meizu M2 Unboxing Review- Conclusion

From the unboxing show, I hope you can learn more about this new phone. and about this phone’s performance, you can focus on our website constantly. in the last, I also recommend a good here. This website is very good. because they offer the cheap & valued & free shipping goods, the site is founded in 2003, already 12 years old!