Lenovo S898t ROM- Repair And Improve Your Phone Problems

Lenovo S898t ROM- Repair And Improve Your Phone Problems

Lenovo S898t - MTK6589T Quad Core 1.5GHz 1GB Ram 5.3inch HD IPS Android 4.2 Phone

Lenovo S898t ROM

Model: Lenovo S898t+
OS: 4.4 KitKat
Link to Check: Lenovo S898t
Lenovo S898t 1

Lenovo S898t Rom Detailed features

1. Smooth save electricity.
2. New transplant.
3. The May Day edition.
4. Reduce fever, running stability.
5. Performance model fluid model.

Lenovo S898t ROM Introduce

1.Update the custom operators name – Settings – notification bar and status bar
2.Update flowing mode – Settings – other advanced Settings
3.Increase the complete installation busybox
4.instructions Like a viper sound top quality install the driver fail, try a few times more
5.Increase the drop-down notification bar display lunar calendar, weather, songs, music can change a song, the song, pause function
6.To increase the desktop display lunar, the weather
7.Increase mobile performance model, open eight nuclear running at the same time
8.Increase opening eight nuclear operating choose game mode, usually choose energy balance
9.Additional MIUI6 straight push effects
10.Increase storage V3.7.2 by default
11.Add green guardian 2.6.1 formal version
12.Increase status bar display to seconds
13.Increase its 4.4 SD card written code
14.Increase automatic submerged to V2.06 version of the update
15.Increase the millet Note series rings
16.Increase automatic ROOT access, from tips, from waiting
17.Increase modified minimum brightness is 6, convenient for some users in the middle of the night
18.Increased global APK merger
19.Increase the removal set – a minimalist model
20.Increase the system core crack, avoid signature verification, software unlimited installed
21.Settings – other advanced Settings
22.Increase the Xposed
23.Increase automatic immersed
24.Increased the default storage
25.Increase the Mi – pop
26.Increase the flash notice
27.Add green guardian
28.Increase performance improvement
29.Increase the viper sound

Lenovo S898t Update ROM Download LINK

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