Lenovo K3 Note Rom- Original Android OS/Mutli Languages

Lenovo K3 Note Rom- Original Android OS/Mutli Languages

Lenovo Lemon K3 Note- 4G LTE MTK6752 64bit octa core CPU 2GB RAM 5.5inch HD IPS screen Android 5.0 Phone

Lenovo K3 Note Rom
Lenovo K3 Note Mutli Languages OS/Original Android OS Rom finally comes out on Fastcardtech.com. We boardsforphones got it at first hand and gave it a flash immediately. Seems to be nice of the Original Android OS on this device and here i will upload this Lenovo K3 Note Rom for you.
Still we need to check the phone details of Lenovo K3 Note first in case of flash to a wrong device.

Lenovo K3 Note(K50-T5)
Screen 5.5inch 1080p IPS OGS
Processor MTK6752 Octa Core 1.7GHz(64bit)
Ram 2GB
Rom 16GB
Camera 13.0MP Rear Camera + 5.0MP Front Camera
Network 4G LTE/Dual Simcard Dual Standby
System Android 5.0 Lollipop

Click here to see more details of Lenovo K3 Note(K50-T5).


1. Phone Power over 40%.
2. Backup your data.
3. Read the guide first before you do it.
4. Take your own risk.


The Whole Steps:
1. We need to flash a Third-party Recovery in(Click here to see Add CWM recovery on Lenovo K3 Note).
2. Card Flash K3_Note_AOSP_5.0_BETA2_150510.zip(The Mutli Languages OS file- Lenovo K3 Note Rom).
3. Card flash the Google Service(Optional).


Steps to Update K3_Note_AOSP_5.0_BETA2_150510.zip:
1. Get the CWM Recovery first(Click here to see Add CWM recovery on Lenovo K3 Note).
2. Send the zip to your TF card, insert the TF Card to your phone.
3. Enter the recovery, and wipe data/wipe caches(double wipe).
4. Apply Update from External Sd Card- find and choose K3_Note_AOSP_5.0_BETA2_150510.zip– Confirm Update.


Files Download:
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All is done, it is easy to flash the Original Android OS on Lenovo K3 Note(K50-T5), also Fastcardtech.com provides you the Mutli-languages OS Service, they will install it for you when you order this phone if you want it quickly. Anyway, comment me if you have any problems on this page.


  1. Dear Customer service,

    Well I read the content of this web page and my questions still remain :

    – If you have flashed the ROM, why firmware showed on smartphone (see screenshots) is still K50-T3S and NOT K50-T5 ?

    – Can you guarantee me that all 4G frequencies are usable on the smartphone that you sent me as with a -T5 reference model ?
    (GSM 900/1800 / 1900MHz, WCDMA 850/900/1900 / 2100MHz, FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B7, TDD-LTE B38 / 39/40/41)

    By the way, Lenovo K3 Note phone features a FM tuner according http://www.devicespecifications.com. Yet an internet connection is required to listen to the radio by clicking on the corresponding icon. Why ? Is this related to the flash ROM and firmware upgrade ?

    Thank you for your support.
    kind regards

    Daniel CLARA

  2. Hello,
    I would like to get files required to process Card Flash K3_Note_AOSP_5.0_BETA2_150510.zip.
    Files Download links are hidden.
    Thanks to let me see content.