Lenovo A850 ROM- Optimization system stability

Lenovo A850 ROM- Optimization system stability


Lenovo A850 Rom 1

Lenovo A850 ROM

Model: Lenovo A850
OS: 4.4 KitKat
Based on the version:Lenovo A850
Link to Check: Lenovo A850
Lenovo A850 Rom

Lenovo A850 ROM Detailed features

1. The happy frog the latest edition of the 168 period at the bottom of the bag.
2. Repair the previous screenshots crash problem.
3. Compilation of minimum brightness is 3.
4. After a period of testing.
5. The camera is normal.
6. The sensor is normal.
7. Calls is normal.

TLenovo A850 ROM The Key To repair

OS6_Android4. 2
1. Optimization of cement system stability
2. The game center
repair When I now stop running the game center to download problem
3. The app store
4. Repair the app store some details of the application interface pictures showed is not complete
The key to repair

OS6_Android4. 4
1. The contact
2. The repair hotplug SIM card, contact the doll now stop running
3. Lock screen
Repair the incidental problems of overlapping time and date of the lock screen interface
4. The clock
Repair when the timer countdown have a bird’s eye view of a key after cleaning, the timer does not respond to questions
5. The weather
Repair English mode switch to a simplified model, the weather is still showing in detail in English
6. Virus protection
Repair without virus protection scanning mobile incidental stop running
7. Calls to normal

Lenovo A850 ROM Download LINK

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