Lenovo A8 Photo Show- Lenovo New Phone Hit Meizu M2

Lenovo A8 Photo Show- Lenovo New Phone Hit Meizu M2


Lenovo A8 Photo Show

Except Xiaomi, Meizu, Lenovo also has two phones to against, one is Lenovo Lemo K3, another is Lenovo A8. today, I will give you Lenovo A8 Photo Show.

Now, Lenovo A8 is coming! the US$83 price is very cheap. this phone’s design is very simple, and touch feeling is suitable and comfortable.

About configuratio, this phone has two version:  standard version(1GB+8GB, US$83 ) and high-end version( 2GB+16GB, US$100), it owns 5.0 inch and 720P IPS screen, support up to 32GB expand, camera combines 2.0MP font camera with 8.0MP back camera, battery is 2300mAh, runs the newest Android 5.1 system.

About network system, this phone provides different phones version, and support dual sim.

In the end, I will give you the Lenovo A8 Photo Show to you:
Lenovo A8 Photo Show 1

Lenovo A8 Photo Show 2

Lenovo A8 Photo Show 3

Lenovo A8 Photo Show 4

Lenovo A8 Photo Show 5

Lenovo A8  6

Lenovo A8 Photo Show 7

Lenovo A8 Photo Show 8

Lenovo A8  9

Lenovo A8 10

Lenovo A8  11

Lenovo A8 12

Lenovo A8  13

Lenovo A8 14

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