Meizu MX5 Google Service- Easy Installed, Works Fine

Meizu MX5 Google Service- Easy Installed, Works Fine


On the previous page we have shown you how to get Root Permission on Meizu MX5. Like we said before, if you wanna install Google Service on Meizu MX5 or other android phones, you have to Root your device first.

Now we will show you how to install Google Service on Meizu MX5.


What we need:
1. Meizu MX5 with Battery over 50%.
2. Fastcardtech Google Service Installer(will be in Chinese).
3. Google


We have two methods for you to Get Meizu MX5 Google Service installed:

Method 1: Using Fastcardtech Google Service Installer(For all Android Phones with Root Permission)

Please download Fastcardtech Google Service Installer on your pc and unzip it, then install it to your phone.


Method 2: Using Google Meizu MX5 Only)
We also need to use Fastcardtech Google Service Installer too, but this time, we will have more Google apps pre-install. Please download Google on your pc and then send it to your phone storage.


Files Download:
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Meizu MX5 Google Service is now installed, it is easy just if you follow steps above. Remember: Take your own risk and then enjoy your phone.