Huawei Honor New Phone Exposure, Specially!

Huawei Honor New Phone Exposure, Specially!



Huawei Honor New Phone Exposure

Huwei Honor 4A has been published recently, which is not bad phone. Huawei honor new phone exposure today, the design is very special.

Huawei Honor New Phone Exposure 1

In the front of this phone is a big screen, Outside the border is narrow.

Can see the right body of the volume button, power button (refer to glory 7 design) and the double card slots.

Which is important, set aside a piece of module has never seen on the left side of the fuselage, specific function is not clear. From the area, do not like the “intellectual spirit” and “camera button”, I think is very much like “fingerprint” module, this is tough.
Huawei Honor New Phone Exposure 2
In addition, the camera “shock convex” must also slightly touching, back pictures also confirmed that the machine will have double color temperature flash.

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In the last, I also recommend a good phone: Meizu M2, this phone has been published recently, it is high in performance but low in price.